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Medical Emergency Plan

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Medical Emergency Plan

  • The First Aid Kit & the AEM Defibrillator are located inside the Clubhouse in a cupboard on the south side wall, adjacent to the front sliding door.

  • If urgent emergency assistance is required. Dial: 000

  • Important: There is no landline phone available at the Club. Please use your Mobile phone to call for emergency assistance. Dial: 000

  • Please provide clear instructions for the ambulance including the age, gender, nature of injury or illness.

  • Club Address: Lot 84, Viking St, Kingscliff (cnr Viking St & McPhail Ave)

  • Someone must remain with the injured person until ambulance arrives.

  • In the event of serious injury or illness, provide immediate care to the injured or ill person and ascertain if there are any medically trained persons present to attend to the injured person, if not please provide initial first aid as required.

  • Our Club Coach holds a First Aid Certificate and is generally on-site Monday to Friday for coaching sessions.

  • If basic life support is needed collect the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) from the south side wall inside the clubhouse, adjacent to sliding door. 

  • Where possible a trained person should operate the AED. If no one is available follow the instructions included with the AED and the Emergency Assistance instructions as displayed on the wall next to the AED.

  • If necessary please contact the next of kin and notify the Club Committee.

  • For all incidents an Incident Report Form should be completed and provided to the Club Committee. The Form is in the wall mounted cupboard with the AED.

  • Kingscliff Tennis Club is a community based non-profit club, run by volunteers

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